Now Introducing the Shoe of the Month!

Each month we will pick a shoe (or shoes) to feature and will offer 10% off that shoe for the entire month!




Women's Loki

We are proud to be Minnesota’s exclusive LOKI® dealer. Click on the image above to see a demonstration of LOKI® Gear.

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Learn how we can work with you to find perfect footwear for your needs.


Zilch to 5k

Registration dates for 2017 will be posted soon. Our “Zilch to 5k” program is designed to introduce (or reintroduce) people to the sport of running fitness as a lifelong activity and prepare them to complete a 5k race at their own pace and injury free!

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Zilch to 5K Junior: YOUth on the Move

Registration date for 2017 will be posted soon. Zilch to 5k Junior: YOUth on the Move is a non-intimidating fun way to introduce your child to healthy movement while raising self-esteem and losing weight.

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XTraining 101

Class begins November 8th, 2016 Research has found that substituting 25-30 percent of your weekly running mileage with cross training can maximize your overall running quality and fitness level. Throughout this class exercises will combine cardio, strength training, agility, and flexibility.

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Trails 101

Registration dates for 2017 will be posted soon. Trails 101 class is designed for slower paced runners who are new to trail running.

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