Galloway Training Program

Duluth's Run-Walk-Run 1/2 Marathon Training Program

Are you interested in completing your first half marathon, or setting a personal record on your next one? Are you looking for a way to run and stay injury free? Or are you just trying to begin running? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, the Galloway Group may be for you!

The Galloway Run-Walk-Run Method was developed by former US Olympian Jeff Galloway to help runners control fatigue during races, prevent common running injuries, and increase finish times. To learn more and to register for the Duluth Galloway program, click here.

Melinda Marble

Group Leader/Coach




“I ran a PR (at the time) of 1:41:48, and the run-walker finished right on my heels. The leap-frogging irritated me at the time, but I was definitely intrigued” (Per Runner’s World).

Read about what happened when a 17-time marathoner tried the run-walk method.

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