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Trails 101


Get set for this year’s classes July 9th thru October 8th, 2019! Learn how to safely navigate 40 nearby trails with a certified, experienced coach of 30 years! This class is designed exclusively for those who prefer to walk or run at a safe, slow, pace with the goal of accomplishing the trail workouts while experiencing the many incredible trails throughout the Twin Ports.

There are two walking groups and two running groups. The running groups walk all the uphills and run the flat and downhill terrains. Typically, the pace is 15 to 20 minutes per mile on the technical trails for the fast running group. We take the time to enjoy the view, smell the roses, take photos and simply enjoy the trails and great company.  We stick together as a group of runners and walkers. With this class you will also learn how to dress for the workouts, about hydration, the latest workout accessories and more! Kids come free with a paid adult.

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