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  • Gear up for Summer

    April 3, 2018

    GOODR – No Slip. No Bounce. All Polarized. Funnr Colors. Just $25!

    NO FLY ZONE SOCKS – These socks keep flies, ticks, and mosquitoes away up to 70 washings. Like all other Farm to Feet socks, there is the lifetime guarantee!

    TASC Performance Apparel – Bamboo technology that feels amazing, is temperature regulating, and odor resistant. Great styling at the gym or window shopping in Canal Park.

    LOKI – All-In-One Outerwear Clothing. Built in mittens and face mask. Some morph into backpacks. Tortoise and Hare Footwear is their exclusive Minnesota dealer!

    NUUN – The healthier sports drink. Drink Nuun before, during, or after your workout to feel your best. It is packed with electrolytes, just 10 grams of sugar, and nothing artificial.

    AFTERSHOKZ Headphones – The safest way to tune in. Wireless, bone conduction, premium stereo sound, sweat resistant.

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  • Naot

    April 24, 2018

    Naot manufactures a large variety of footwear with a unique anatomical footbed. The footbed is a “negative” print of the foot, just like the footprint we leave when walking in the sand.

    It is flexible, soft, shock absorbent, supports the heel and alleviates fatigue and pain. The footbeds are made of natural cork and latex and are covered in a pampering layer of suede. The uppers are made of high quality Italian leathers. Naot has gained a loyal customer following, which each year enjoys a new and exciting collection of comfortable shoes, clogs and sandals.

    It is no wonder Naot means oasis!

    Visit: The Story of a #NAOT SHOE

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  • Hoka One One

    April 3, 2018

    Hoka adds 10 mm of cushioning to the average shoe. A lower heel-to-toe ratio, a meta-rocker (like a rocking chair for your feet).

    It frames your feet with support resulting in a lightweight, comfortable and smooth ride.

    Think of it as shock absorbers for your heels, knees, and back!

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  • Oofos

    April 27, 2018

    YOUR FEET WORKED HARD TODAY And they’ll likely have another workout tomorrow. That’s why every pair of OOFOS is engineered to help your feet recover in ways that typical footwear can’t. OOFOS.

    Athletic shoe foams are designed to “rebound” and propel you forward. Revolutionary OOfoam does the opposite, absorbing 37% more shock with every step than traditional footwear foam.

    Unlike flip-flops, the OOFOS patented footbed is designed with tremendous arch support to take the pressure off of ankles, knees and hips, as well as your lower back.

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