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It starts with a sketch then grows into a wall. An incredible 90 feet by 14 feet, it brings an impressive mix of curiosity and attention from passersby.

Local artist Tom Napoli of Thomas Napoli Art Gallery, creates  his signature work on our new Tortoise and Hare Footwear mural. He is an amazing artist and excellent at store murals and storefront art. We chose him for his beautiful work and enjoy having a renowned local artist to do the work. He can be found on Facebook at

Browse through it’s beautiful landscape and landmark scenery as our tortoise and hare race across Duluth! We hope you enjoy the time admiring each and every detail so meticulously hand painted, as much as we do. You will be amazed by the extraordinary creativity integrated into every square foot including animals of the forest and the tortoise and hare race throughout.

Try counting every animal and see how many you find!