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Loki All-in-One Tech Hoodie

Available now, come check out the new Loki All-in-One Tech Hoodies! Get tech’ed up with the versatility of the quick all-in-one jacket, to mitts and face mask, to backpack. This Loki jacket is light and trim with all the greatest features, style updates and new colors. It’s the ultimate quick gear while on adventures along the lakewalk, on trails, around town, relaxing with friends and at work, from one activity to the next.


The All-In-One Tech Hoodie Features:

– Tech Hoodie’s style layers under heavier jackets.

– Versa-cuff converts from a thumb cuff, to full hand covering, yet allow digi-port finger access for texting and photos.

– Cuffs easy to turn inside out and tighten at the wrist.

– Built-in Face Mask covers your face or conceals in the hood.

– Folds into a Backpack through the large left pocket to carry the hoodie, a shell and other essentials.

Loki Gear is the original All-In-One Outdoor Clothing Company, specializing in patented convertible hand and face warmth and backpack-able pockets. Everything Loki makes is ready to face changing weather. Loki gear changes to be warmer with built-in mitts and neck warmer, or cools down with vents and stow away pack-ability. Tortoise & Hare Footwear is the Loki exclusive Midwest Dealer.

Choose from our newest colors and Show off Your Loki!